Fred our Congo African Grey

Ferd hatched on 3/11/02, we bought him in Valdosta, GA on our way home from Florida on 3/25/02.
This picture was taken the first day. We are going to take a picture ever week with the ball
so we can see how fast he grows.

Fred had his first visit at the doctors last week. The Vet said Fred was going to be a large African Gray.
He weighed 13oz. He is starting to look more like a Grey now. His feathers are really starting
to come though now, there are even some red ones coming on his tail.

Freds 10 week old now and must be about full grown. We have this basket fixed up for a play pin for him
and a coulpe days ago he started flapping his wings and jumping off. This evening he made it about 4 feet.
He is as big as Abby now.

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