Fred our Congo African Grey first 10 weeks
These pictures are of Fred.

Fred was hatched on 3/11/02, we bought him on 3/25/02. We got him from a breeder in Valdosata GA on our way home from Florida. He was two weeks old and did not have his eye open.

Fred at about 4 weeks after a feeding

Fred taking a nape during a race at Springfield IL 2002
about 4 months old

These pictures are of Abby our Yellow Fronted Amazon.

Abby was hatched on 3/20/95 and was DNA sexed. We bought her on 9/12/2000. She is a good bird doesn't bit, loves her showers, plays with her toys and will go to most anyone. Abby travels everywhere with us. She love to be on the floor and investigates everything around her. When she is on the floor our three dogs would leave the room. She loves to eat your dinner. And will eat or at least try most food. She likes to have her tummy tickled, but will only let Barb do that. She loves music and will dance and sing along with it. We found out this Christmas season she really likes the song Frosty the Snowman.

Sometimes Abby likes ice cubes

These pictures are of Danny our Nanday Conure.

Danny was hatched in June of 1997, we bought him when he was about 6 weeks old. We call him a he but we don't know if he is a boy or a girl. We bought him on the way home from a race in Oklahoma. Barb took care of him and hand feed him at first but he turned out to like me the most. Danny will let me doing about anything with him. He does go to some people but some people he just wants to get close to and bit. He doesn't like the camera. Every time you get close to him with the camera he will jump on and bit it.

This next picture is of Jessy, Jim Grants Salomon Eclectus Parrot.

Jessy LOVES mashed potatoes, pizza, and is a real lady killer, he loves the ladies, specaily my mom! You leave him a lone in a room and he starts saying "What are you doing" says "Hello" when the phone rings. Loves to be held and is really a very quiet bird. Kevin knows Jessy pretty good too This is NO shit. When Kevin and I left California in my Ford Ranger with Jessy in the cab with us, Jessy would wait until we stopped for gas to poop, and we'd set him on the throttle side grip of Kevin's Ducati and I'd put a towel under him, then he would poop. ASK Kevin!! It's no shit. He's a great bird I love him... He's with my mom in Ohio right now; at least till mom passes on, He makes her real happy.
Jim Grant

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