Springfield, IL May 27th 2001

Grand National Championship Results

Getting ready for race day, drying and wheel packing the track
Will Davis, Rich King and George Roeder 2nd Heat
Kevin Atherton and Mike Hacker 1st Semi
Kevin Atherton and TCR's XR750
Will Davis brake line broke during the warmup lap before the National
Lining up for the National
National Final action
National Final action
National Final action
The Checked Flag
600 Final action
Grand National:
PosRiderNum Bike
1Cris Carr4HD
2Rich King80HD
3Jay Springsteen9HD
4Joe Kopp1HD
5Ken Coolbeth31HD
6Mike Hacker67HD
7Shaun Russell28HD
8Willie McCoy59HD
9Kevin Varnes89HD
10Terry Poovey18HON
11Johnny Murphee20HD
12Bryan Bigelow11HD
13Jess Roeder94HD
14George Roeder66HD
15Kevin Atherton23HD
16Nicky Hayden69HD
17Steve Beattie26HD
18Will Davis21HD

1st Heat:
1Chris Carr4
2Ken Coolbeth31
3Nicky Hayden69
4Kevin Varnes89
5Steve Beattie26
6Bryan Smith84x
7Jason Tyer12
8Chris Boone13
9Donnie Steward16

2nd Heat:
1Will Davis21
2Rich King80
3George Roeder66
4J.R. Schnabrl33
5Kevin Atherton23
6Terry Poovey18
7Gary Rogers53
8Jim Sumner45
9Eric Rickman33w

3rd Heat:
1Joe Kopp1
2Willie McCoy59
3Shaun Russell28
4Roger Lee Hayden95c
5Shawn Clark61
6Jess Roeder94
7Tim Eades95
8Paul Lynch19
9Greg Tysor47
10Devon Pritchard23p

4th Heat:
1Johnny Murphree20
2Jay Springsteen9
3Bryan Bigelow11
4Mike Hacker67
5Paul Morgan83
6Robert Lewis88c
7Christopher Hart44
8Cory Roth35
9Kyle Long32
10Roy Miller56

1st Semi:
1Kevin Atherton23
2Mike Hacker67
3Shawn Clark61
4Paul Lynch19
5Jim Sumner45
6Donnie Steward16
7Roy Miller56
8Byran Smith84x
9Christopher Hart44

2nd Semi:
1Terry Poovey18
2Steve Beattie26
3Paul Morgan83
4Roger Lee Hayden95c
5Tim Eades95
6Chris Boone13
7Cory Roth35
8Devon Pritchard23p
9Eric Rickman33w

3rd Semi:
1Kevin Varnes89
2Jess Roeder94
3Gary Rogers53
4Jason Tyer12
5Robert Lewis88c
6Kyle Long32
7J.R. Schnabrl33
8Greg Tysor47
600 Final:
PosRiderNum Bike
1Willie McCoy59ATK
2Bryan Smith84xATK
3Dan Stanley10ROT
4Roger Lee Hayden95cROT
5Greg Teague58ROT
6Jennifer Snyder15nHD
7Paul Morgan83ROT
8Scott Scherb78ROT
9Jason Tyer12ROT
10Charles Orr87CCM
11Donnie Steward16CCM
12Jeff Landrum90fROT
13Mike Forro53xROT
14James Hart81ROT
15Brent Armbruster73ROT
16Rob Williams12xROT
17Shawn Clark61ROT
18Brian Thomas82ATK

1st Heat:
1Shawn Clark61
2Jennifer Snyder15n
3Paul Morgan83
4James Hart81
5Jeff Landrum90f
6Brian Vincent20x
7Cory Roth35
8AJ Eslick69g
9Gary Maloney55x
10G Scott Johnson49p

2nd Heat:
1Willie McCoy59
2Bryan Smith84x
3Greg Teague58
4Scott Scherb78
5Mike Forro53x
6Mark Witham16n
7Tim Mitchell55s
8Michelle Disalvo97
9Brett Landes41
10Paul Lynch19

3rd Heat:
1Roger Lee Hayden95c
2Brian Thomas82
3Donnie Steward16
4Rob Williams12x
5Jason Goodwin85c
6Eric Mischler82k
7Joel Henson33c
8Gerry Boother37
9Tim Eades95
10Mark Gruber7p

4th Heat:
1Dan Stanley10
2Jason Tyer12
3Charlie Orr87
4Brent Armbruster73
5Scott Deubler43
6Yuhiko Hirao71
7Jason Spearin34b
8Ben Knight85p
9Stephanie Welch11x
10Nicky Hayden69

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