Lord I ask you this today,
Are things in life worth the prices we may pay?

We know the risks and we know the game,
But never are we prepared for the pain.

Yes, physically, but emotionally too,
It tears us apart and makes us come unglued.

Life is hard and consequences arenít fun,
But in the end what is done, is done.

We know above that racing still goes on,
Lap after lap, all day long.

Its great to know that there is life after death,
One day we will again meet the racers we called the "best".

Today we lost a husband, a father, a racer, a friend,
A cousin, a brother, a hero, a man.

You guided him to Heaven as you did to all,
You showed him to safety at the Heavenly Mall.

You took him with you in stretched out arms,
And you let the Main Event go on.

Little did we know that you had taken the "best",
The man named Will Davis, who is special like the rest.

Lord I have a message to be sent above,
Tell him that we love him, and weíll never forget the man he is and was.

Keep him safe, as we know you will,
Set him on the chalk line, where the racing is outrageously real.

And while your up above, doing what you do,
Say "hello" to the other "best", tell them "They always think of you!"

Real life has finally sunk in; our bad dream didnít go away,
The Flat Track Family passed yet another one, on this sad, sad day.

In Loving Memory of Will Davis, who passed away after suffering a racing accident in Sedalia, Missouri.
Also in remembrance of the other racers I have watched be passed on to the Heavens above:
Rodney Farris, Andy Tresser, Ricky Graham, Davey Camlin, Toby Jorgenson, Dusty Faulds,
Danny Hart, and Rob Damron.

Written By: Amy Lee Pruczinski #25